the act of compassion begins with attention & awareness. absoulute retreat provides an inclusive & supportive space for all to be embraced by the spirit of kindness, no matter race, religion, or belief. our holistic practitioners & vendors are devoted to your well-being

your activities are an expression of the soul. retreat to wellness with absoulute beauty gifting yourself four days of reprieve in a charming natural environment. daily nourishing activities with attention to root & sacral healing. allow yourself to connect & return to the power of nature as you wander through pristine gardens & relax in thermal pools while recharging your spirit

go ahead! give yourself permission to repose with absoulute beauty for an unforgettable experience in healing & regeneration
we warmly invite you to say yes to yourself today!



Utah born beauty architect Brandi Llewelyn is the founder of absoulute retreat. with over two decades in the beauty industry she has curated a one of a kind experience to open your heart & soul to all that is harmonious, beautiful & sublime. brandi is a vessel of love, light, & human compassion. a pioneer in her profession, she began melanging inner & outer beauty circa 1999 while attending cosmetology school & the University of Utah. in 2003 she anchored in her career as a celebrity hair & makeup artist working over a decade in 5 star hotel salons along the Vegas strip. she is awarded by In-Style magazine, Best of Beauty Las Vegas, Vegas Magazine & published in Entrepreneur Magazine & New York Times best seller “How Not to Look Old” . In 2018 brandi became certified in kundalini yoga & a practitioner of tantra yoga. naturally devoted to sharing her knowledge, she launched her first retreat in spring 2019. brandi's passion for self-love, refinement, knowledge & connection is reflected in everything she does. she warmly invites you to 'retreat to wellness' & start seeing yourself as the absoulute beauty you are!

Are you ready to unearth your absoulute beauty?

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Christiel is a vibrant soul based in Las Vegas, Nevada. she is a seasoned yoga teacher specializing in Hatha, Kundalini, & Yin Practices. her true passion is in her healing work. she brings a wealth of deep healing experiences in her Divine Light Energy Healing Sessions which include many healing modalities (Reiki, Serephim Blueprint, Access Bars, Spiritual Counseling, Sound Healing & Esoteric Pranic Healing)

She is both a Holy Fire III Reiki Master & Karuna Reiki Master as she also teaches & does Attunements. Christiel's mission is to guide individuals towards their inner Light, helping them overcome obstacles & embrace the highest version of themselves & their Journey, fostering a life of joy & full self-expression

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